Monday, February 20, 2012

Mock Product Shoot - Wedding Gown

Had a chance last week to do a test shot for a friend.

Topic was Wedding Gown.

I would say this is a very challenging task for me as I have never done a Pre-Wedding shoot before. In fact, in this mock shoot, I was feeling very tensed and realised that there was a lot more to the planning than it actually looks.

Make Up Artist with the fine touches

Fortunately I had the privilege of having my friend's girlfriend help out in the make up department. From the make-up, you can actually tell that the job done was not bad.

 Candid Shot before the shoot

So enough of my banter. Let the pictures do the talking. Oh, before I forget, don't mind the over/under-exposed pictures, I had to make do with challenging lighting (it was quite bright at one moment, and dark at the next).


If I have another chance at model photography, I would really want to learn how to capture the correct expression and also to make sure my model does end up being the subject, and not let other things "snatch" the focus.

Kinda disappointed at my own shots, but I will improve from this experience.

To photography and beyond!

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