Sunday, October 2, 2011

Naan desu ka? - Indian Curry House

There was a sale going on at Singapore Expo, so the dear girlfriend and I decided to check it out early before the crowd comes in.

We have already planned to have Indian cuisine there because she mentioned that the food there is quite good - especially the Naan.

It was still pretty early when we arrived at Indian Curry House and there weren't any patrons there. The waitress was pretty prompt in taking our orders and serving us the beverages. Yet after we have placed our order for the Naan and the main curry dishes, the serving speed was a little slow - possibly due to the baking of the Naan.

While waiting I digged into a very refreshing Mango Lassi.

Mango Lassi

This is one Lassi that is thick, creamy and filled with yoghurt goodness. It tastes like the Meiji Yoghurt that you find in NTUC.

After Waiting for about 15 minutes, our main star of the day has arrived!

Plain, Garlic, Butter Naans

The Naans were served hot and fresh - slightly crispy on the outside, and absolutely soft and chewy on the inside. The Butter Naan tasted slightly towards the croissant side, while the Garlic Naan gave a very good boost to the taste buds.

We didn't just savour the Naans only, the curries that we have ordered also had wholesome goodness too!

Left - Butter Chicken, Right - Mutton Vindaloo

The Butter Chicken is thick and flavourful and the chicken meat cooked to a tender touch but a little too sweet for my taste buds. The Mutton Vindaloo is wonderfully done - the meat is so soft, you do not need to chew hard to break it apart. The curry is strong on the mutton taste, so non-mutton lovers may find it a little pungent. One thing to note, the curries are each served in its own bowl, which can be for 2 persons.

Overall, the quality of service and food would please many people who visit this establishment. However, be forewarned, the price of food for eating here would be a little pricey for those who do not expect to pay a lot. You can come here to savour the local Indian delicacy when you feel like having some hot and tasty Naan.

This place deserves a rating for:

Food: 8/ 10
Service: 7/ 10
Ambience: 5/ 10
Overall: 6.5/ 10

You can find this establishment at the following location:

1 Expo Drive, #01-44 Singapore Expo (Near Expo Hall 4)

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  1. looks good :D~
    if you like mango lassi and bryani, head down to the indian restaurant opp. Link hotel, pretty decent stuff :D