Monday, September 26, 2011

Spam from

Have you received email from

Just about a month ago, I have received a surprise email from, stating that I have signed up for their free mailing list and that they are thanking me for the subscription. Thinking back, I realised that I have not done anything. In fact, I have not used their services ever since I found And I definitely had not signed up anything with at all too.

So where in the world did they get my email to register?

Secondly, its plain rude to just tell me that I have subscribed and to thank me even! Its no different from shoving unwanted information right in my face when I have had no inkling of ever approaching you for help.

I'm not the only victim of this.

Apparently, even @xysg has received their "good-will" email too.

I'm sure many of you who are reading this have received their "free subscription" email too. Yet what is it we can do to stop them from spamming?

@xysg has already unsubscribed from their mailing list through the link given in their email. However, the spam still continues.

What has done, is not any different from spam mailers that people receive through their mailbox - to which we would just throw away into the rubbish bin without looking.

Below is the sample of the email that they have been sending.

 Spam mail - notice the Pseudo name?

And as a test of their unsubscribe function, I have went ahead to submit it in their website.

Its just a matter of time before they spam me again, but until then, I'll find ways to get them to stop spamming.

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