Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photowalk - Stay Cool

Had a little walkabout with my 50mm portrait testing a relatively newly learnt technique.

Its a play on White Balance, White Balance Shift, Picture Styles and the usual Manual mode controls.

Testing out in the MRT Cabin

Although this technique isn't new, it does of course test the knowledge of white balance and lots more about how you picture the scene against what you would eventually take. For the most of it, I set my White Balance (WB) to 3200 Kelvins (K). and my white balance shift is geared towards the Blue and Green Regions (diagonally up from centre).

This setting enables me to take shots that focused more towards the blue and the green adds spice to the grass and leaves around.

For the Picture Style (PS), I selected "standard" and bumped the contrast to maximum (7) and the Saturation to be about 5 or 6 (7 is overkill for certain shots). The sharpness was changed as and when I needed to have a sharper image or blurry image.

This entire post was not edited, only cropped.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

 F1 Season is in the air!

 If you can guess where this is, You Are GOOD!

 This cat was found in Chijmes. Interesting, and cute.

 The coolness of the photo gives a rather eerie feel.

 Much of the yellow light has been cancelled here.

 Things really look different when its blue

The perfect combination of Blue and Green.

One point to note. If you try to use this cool effect out when you have orange (aka tungsten), all you get is a normal scene where the orange is removed.

 Street Lights are usually orangey.

 Orange light on a Red wall.

And the absence of any light doesn't help either.

All in all, its a good learning experience I had for myself. The next challenge will be the opposite (warm colours). I'm sure that will turn out to be a great challenge too.

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  1. heh, i think i know where pic #3 is... between raffles city and marina sq :P