Saturday, August 20, 2011

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention

Today is the day where the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention kicks off at Suntec City Convention Centre.

The Logo

The Entrance

Its a fully packed event with lots of booths that span from the sale of figurine and toys to an Artist's Village where you can get to understand more about their craft.

Cosplay: From Japan with Love

The highlight for the day for myself would be the interview session with Japan's famous cosplayers, with the young diva Kipi and COSMODE's Chief Editor, Jacky Dosai.

The emcee, Jacky, Kipi and the translator

Both Kipi and Jacky gave their views on the Japanese cosplay culture and of other countries. Jacky's responses throughout the interview was more towards a serious note, unlike the chirpy and uplifting side from Kipi.

Jacky actually mentioned that for his final year thesis, he did an entire research on cosplay and because of that, not only did he embark on his journey into cosplay; he has also noticed that there is a changing trend in cosplaying of characters - cosplayers in the past participated in songs and dances and other sorts of performances, whereas the present day cosplayers focused more on posing for shutter bugs (due to the rise of digital photography). He did notice that the trend of cosplaying is somehow going back to performances like it did before.

One of his memorable cosplay experiences involved an old lady cosplaying with her grand-daughter and he gave all of us the pose that the granny did.

No, he is not doing an impersonation of "L"

On a light-hearted note, Kipi has lots of love to show to Singaporeans!

Check out that "hang-time"

As a talented cosplayer, Kipi actually speaks quite good Mandarin (simple sentences, but precise). All in all, at present, both Kipi and Jacky has gotten a collection of about 150 different costumes for different character cosplays! A pity that Jacky doesn't keep most of it though.

As a small side track, those of you who would like to add Jacky Dosai in your twitter list, please follow @RocktheFuture and for those who would like to follow Kipi, please follow @Kipistill .

Jacky posting on Twitter

Who could resist the cute looks from Kipi with this costume?

Kipi: "watch me fly"
Jacky: "wonderful pose! *grin*

Of course, the other highlight for STGCC are the toys. I'll let the pictures to do the talking here.

Luke Skywalker: "You want a piece of me? Punk?"

The New Green Goblin: "I'm a Samurai now!"

Captain America: "D'yall like my new bling?"

Joker: "Now that's worth smiling for"

Didn't manage to cover much of the cos-players this time round due to the lack of time, but I managed to catch one guy doing quite a nice cosplay of Nurarihyon no Mago.


I should be covering tomorrow's event. So please watch this space for more coverage!

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