Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Singapore Toy, Game, Comic Convention Day 2

Wanted to go down to catch day two in action, however due to certain matters, I had to entrust my friend Shawn to help me with the coverage instead.

The main highlight of course was the Cosplay event where cosplayers are judged for their costumes and their performances on stage by Jacky and Kipi!

As it was one of the first few times he's covering an event with DSLR, I'll just show you his works as it is.

Have no idea what character is this, but nice lighting.

War-Machine: "I think I'm having a backache now...."

Warriors of the Universe, Unite!

Eventually, it was the cosplayer who donned the War-Machine costume who won. I guess its cause of the detailed effort placed in making it work. Kudos to you!

While Kipi, as a judge, did something funny. She awarded the cosplayer with a t-shirt that she thinks is her personal favourite. And how did she do it? She unbuttoned her blouse, and reached in, and pulled it out! But too bad for Shawn, he couldn't take pictures of it at all, all because Kipi said "No Cameras~~".

So sorry but I couldn't attend the closing finale for the STGCC. Would love to do a full coverage again next time! Up-coming is AFA, hope to be able to cover that as well!! =D

And to credit him, here's Shawn with a cosplayer!

Gettin' up close and Personal

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