Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A time for challenges

Phew! Its been a long while ever since I have posted anything here. Busy with work as well as other stuff, so I couldn't do much posts until now.

Will be doing some cleaning up of my backlog and decide to post some very out-dated but valuable posts soon. So stay tuned~.

The time for challenges, what sort?

As I have stopped taking photographs seriously for a while now, I have gotten my basic skills rusty. What better way than to embark on a series of challenges!

1) A whole year of Black & White Photographs - That's right! 365 days of photography. No matter what topic it is, I will have to bring my camera out and take ONE single shot per day, in pure black & white.

2) Embarking on commercial photography - in terms of taking up assignments as well as projects to improve portraiture and wedding photography. Will also try to set up a mini studio in my room to take product shots.

3) Obtaining my driving licence - This is important. For one, there are many places in Singapore that you can only access via vehicles. For the second, lots of good eateries are hidden in places where it is hard to reach by public transportation!

4) Taking scenic shots of other countries - This is obvious, there are limited things you can take when you are in a controlled urban space; art becomes dead. A change of environment will definitely give me an additional spark in the photography skills that I need.

5) Getting started with studio photography - lights and such. This will be highly related to point no.2.

6) Eating more delicious food and posting about it!

Well, that looks like a long list of things to do, but where I am at, anything is a possibility~!

Err... Right?

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  1. right~

    add cooking / make yummy food for food shoot and recipe sharing and you'll be all set :-Pright~

    add cooking / make yummy food for food shoot and recipe sharing and you'll be all set :-P

    加油! 加油!