Sunday, February 27, 2011

Night Photowalk. Theme - "Darkness"

Was having a Tweetup with a group of twitter friends on Saturday, 27 Feb, and proceeded on to do my very own Photowalk by myself.

It has been a long journey for the past one year, exploring what I would like to take for my own photography - portraiture, still life, abstract, etc. And this year, I am starting to feel that being in groups to learn photography has its limitations. Especially if everyone starts to conform to each others' styles and do the same kind of shots.

Photography, the capture of light. Plain and simple, yet with the increase of people having DSLRs these days, there seems to be some kind of "politics" arising from people who own DSLRs. Note, I have mentioned people who OWN, instead of calling them photographers.

I am sick of being in groups where people are always out there to out-compare each other to death - who has the more expensive gear, or who has the best set up for photography. No. I'm not that kind of person.

Photography is a journey, it is how photographers want to capture the moment, the way he/she wants to, and to showcase it to the rest of the world.

Being lost for so long after joining the group, I have actually realised that I have lost my touch, or shall I say, I have lost the drive because of such mindless politics. Hence I have decided to do my own photowalk, my way. And to show you what I am capable of, without expensive gears.

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