Sunday, December 12, 2010

It ain't Texas till you tried Texas Chicken.

Was up and about towards Tampines one fine Saturday evening and was wondering what to eat. Then my friend suggested to try the new fast food joint in the area.

And what is it called?

The outlet there is pretty small, with a kitchen with the service counter on one side, and a very very small space for patrons. Which is actually a boon to the establishment since it can't have more customers eating in than what it can offer.

And what do they have on the menu? Pretty much the same that you can see on KFC. In fact, this is the 3rd establishment (after Popeyes and Chick King) to take a piece of the meat off from KFC.

What I ordered was just a simple 2 piece chicken set, which costs me SGD 7.90 (inclusive of upsize of drink). It comes with either Spicy or Original, and comes with a cookie muffin (ala Popeyes), a choice of fries or mashed potatoes (I went with the mash).

2 piece Chicken set

Mashed Potatoes

Verdict of food? Its wonderful. For the cookie muffin thing, it is crumbly enough on the crust and warm, soft and moist on the inside. Perfecto~~

The Cookie Muffin

For the Chicken? The spicy gives you the kick almost instantaneously, unlike KFC and their not spicy at all Crispy Chicken. What gives the mean from Texas Chicken the bang for buck, is that it is very wholesome and is very moist and tender! The meat is fried to perfection without letting you feel like you are eating something dry and unpalatable.

For those who like eating sides, they have a variety of it, inclusive of JalapeƱo Peppers. Too bad no pictures here, for the reason, see the next paragraph.

There's just one thing that I would have to say though. Although the food is considered fantastic, the service by far is very very lacking. The branch manager was rude when handling our orders and when I was taking the pictures to help them promote, she ticked me off immediately with a lame reason of not wanting me to take the price of the menu, for fear of letting their "competitors know". And the staff helping with the cleaning was too eager to clear, when we are still eating.

Perhaps they are new, so they may be untrained. So I will have to see if their other outlets share the same kind of lousy service.

This place deserves a rating for:
Food: 8 / 10
Service: 4 / 10
Ambience: 4 / 10

Overall: 5 / 10

Good to go for the food, might as well do a take-away while you are there. Not until they improve their service standards.

For their opening promotions, when you purchase from them, they will pass you the receipt. Login to their website, do a survey and write down the promo code on the receipt. You can use that to purchase 1 side and a drink and they will give you 2 pieces of chicken for free.

They are located at Tampines Mall at Level 4. You can't miss it.


  1. for the bad service, you should have given them 1/10! and no matter how good the food is, if the service sucks, they should not be given a 2nd chance! hahahaha

  2. oops, forgot to sign off, it's YOUR DEAR! so you better approve ah! hahaha