Saturday, October 23, 2010

Singapore Food Blogger's outing - Cafe de Hong Kong

I was given an invitation sometime back to have a food tasting session with the Singapore Food Bloggers (facebook group).

This invitation was to have a good meal of various chinese cuisine with the inclusion of one exotic dish - Crocodile Palms.

Where can one find such exotic food?

It can be found at:

That's right! Its at Cafe De Hong Kong!

The owner of the place, Mr Francis Mak was nice to invite us over for a sample of a few dishes that the place has to offer!

The interior of the place, is rather simple, with works of art created by his son hanging about here and there. It really beings the homely feel to the restaurant.

Here's the list of food that we had (not in served order):
1. Fortune Seafood Roll
2. Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber
3. Prawn with Salted egg and Pumpkin paste
4. Stir-fried Sliced Red Garoupa with Roast Sauce
5. Roasted Chicken
6. Stewed Lamb Brisket
7. Stewed Crocodile Palm
Stir-fried "Yau Mak Cai" with Dace Fish
Stir-fried French Bean with Minced Pork and Garlic
10. Fish roe Fried Rice
11. Dessert: French Toast

And here are the dishes that were served.

Fortune Seafood Roll

Very crispy and quite appetising. It is easy on the palate and not too oily. One of the dishes that I will order again, once I come back here.

Stewed Crocodile Palm

This one dish is enough to give many of the food tasting crew some goosebumps. High in cartilage and possessing other medicinal benefits (of chinese beliefs), this dish is as nourishing as it looks! Tastes in between chicken, duck and beef. Worth a try, if you can convince yourself to a serving.

Stir-fried Sliced Red Garoupa with Roast Sauce

A simple dish, that does not taste too oily. Quite nicely done.

Stir-fried French Bean with Minced Pork and Garlic

One flavourful vegetable dish. Quite savoury, but will go very well with rice. The French beans were a little over done though.

Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber

This is one of the other signature dishes. The duck meat is cooked to perfection, soft and juicy. The Sea cucumber is springy and soft, easy to chew. The winning part of this dish lies in the gravy, it compliments the whole dish, making it the winning formula!

Prawn with Salted egg and Pumpkin paste

If you are thinking what I'm thinking about this dish, yes, you are right. This is another signature dish that Cafe de Hong Kong has to offer. Imagine butter prawns or cereal prawns, but done in a different way. The prawns are covered in salted egg and pumpkin paste, which brings about a wholesome feeling. Juicy prawns with a sweet and savoury taste all rolled into one. Very worth trying.

Stir-fried "Yau Mak Cai" with Dace Fish

This next vegetable dish brings no surprise to frequent diners of chinese food. The special part of it is that the Dace fish gives the whole dish a different flavour and the crunchy texture makes this dish a must have.

Roasted Chicken

If you were expecting this to be any other types of roasted chicken, I can say that you are wrong. The skin is made to a crispy perfection, and the meat remains soft, juicy and succulent. Very pleasing to eat and is one dish that was gobbled down the fastest!

Stewed Lamb Brisket

One of the more nutritious food around. The Stewed Lamb Brisket is quite heavy on the taste buds, and has a pungent lamb smell. For those who dislike the smell and after-taste of lamb, this may not be the dish for you. But for those who like to eat lamb as natural as it is, this is one recommended choice for your dining pleasure!

Fish Roe Fried Rice

Anyone tried this before? Especially at a Chinese eatery? This one dish is a rare find, as with many of the dishes that can be found in Cafe De Hong Kong. I'd give this dish a 8.5 out of 10, only because I didn't have the whole plate for myself! XD

Its a very interesting idea, to include the fish roe into the fried rice. Imagine the popping of each fish roe in your mouth, as you chew on the rice, the flavour and the sensation is very enjoyable. A must order dish!

Excellent French Toast

One must enjoy the dessert offered by Cafe De Hong Kong. Conventional French Toasts else where, only gives you the butter and maple syrup on top, or just peanut butter on the outside. What the chefs do at Cafe de Hong Kong, is they spread the peanut butter in the centre of the bread, and then make it into a large toast. A very nice dessert, that I recommend to all who come here!

This place deserves a rating for:
Food: 7 / 10
Service: 7.5 / 10
Ambience: 7 / 10

Overall: 7 / 10

You can find Cafe De Hong Kong at:

Cafe De Hong Kong
586 Balestier Road,
#01-01 Eastpac Building

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