Friday, September 24, 2010

Phuket Escapade

Went on a short getaway with a few friends over the weekend (18 - 21 Sept), and was feeling quite refreshed by the change in pace. Experienced quite a few new things and made many friends.

For the full story... Read on....

Arrived early in the morning at 9am for checking in for our flight. Was supposed to be earlier, but Jetstar had a bit of a delay in their flight (5 hours), hence our flight time was re-scheduled to 10.45am.

Couldn't resist being trigger happy with my camera, hence I tried out a Hipstamatic shot with my Iphone4:

Day 1

Arrived at Phuket Airport with a slight headache due to the pressure from flying, and was taken aback at how simple the Airport looked like. Was well received by the airport with a blackout at the immigrations counter. XD

A transport has been chartered by our resort to fetch us to our check-in location:

Baan Yuree Resort & Spa Phuket
12/1 Sirirat Rd., Tambol Patong, Amphur Kathu, Phuket 83150.

This is what i looks like on the inside (one of the bedrooms):

The resort space that we have booked is good for 4 people. 2 bedrooms (1 twin sharing with jacuzzi bathtub, and the other is 2 separate beds with a nice sea view), 1 living room with kitchen and another bathroom!

After we have checked in, we headed straight down to Patong Beach, to check out the rates for the sea-sports as well as taking a great view of the sea (with great smells too!)

The waves here are actually getting bigger! And according to the locals, there was actually supposed to be a surfing competition on the 23rd! Wasted!

We ended up walking away from the beach to tour the surrounding areas for food and shopping:

And the architecture of Thailand is ever present, even though Patong Beach is pretty modernised (by Thai standards):

Our lunch for the day was to visit Macdonalds. Why so? If you are a Chinese, you will definitely try this burger for sure (something that is not found in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia):

After lunch, we headed back to Patong beach area for some Thai Massage!
Frankly speaking, their skill at massaging is really unique, and it does make one more relaxed after one session!

After being refreshed from the massage, we headed back down to the beach for more photography moments!

Over there, I bumped into a fellow photographer @luvyun!

And more pictures:

A typical poster shot:

And the pics of people who went with me:

After a whole day of rushing up and down and all about, we proceeded to walk around to look for our dinner location. We had to "bash through" all the touts who were trying to drag us into their restaurants. Until we finally settled on one:

Decent food... but considered pricey...

Here's a look at the some of the dishes that we have ordered:

Pineapple Fried Rice

Tom Yam Soup

Stir-fried Kai Lan with Pork

"Torpedo" Lobster

Basically, the flavours for Thai locals swing towards the sour and sweet side than to the spicy side. Tom Yam was ok, and so was the Kailan. Pineapple Fried Rice was so so, not very flavourful.... The "Torpedo" Lobster was a disappointment as they swapped our live lobster with a dead one after we ordered(you get to choose either live or dead lobsters to be prepared).

After dinner, it was heading back to the resort for a quick refreshing bath, and we proceeded down to the Bangla Road area, to see the famous night scene there. However, due to respect of the people, we decided against bringing our cameras (and to top it off, any pictures taken of the lady boys and the trannys, cost money, so its a better idea not to take any...)

Day 2

We started the day with a very filling and hearty breakfast provided by the resort!

We decided to head down to the beach again, to hit the waves and try the sea-sports (since we have already enquired about the pricing).

While waiting, I saw some interesting things:

Display at the receptionist counter

Flower in the water fixture outside

We arrived at Patong Beach and decided to rent a couple of deck chairs for use (200 Baht for 2). And the worst thing happened. It rained heavily for almost 30 mins, then in an instant, it was clear skies and bright sunlight for some serious beach fun!

One of the activities not to be missed is Para-sailing:

This is one place where stunts are performed by the fun loving people of the beach (no, I'm kidding, they are helping to steer the Parachute to the right direction and for proper landing...)

After much fun at the beach (with para-sailing, jet-skiing and banana boat rides), we retired back to the hotel for our much deserved rest and meal.

Dinner at Baan Yuree Resort:

Fillet Mignon

Quite decent, and quite nice for their standards. Only about 500 Baht, this meal is hits the spot after a day of activities!

Round 2 of Bangla Road Nightspots. Here, we decided to travel with 2 newly made friends, Manav and his wife, Aradhana, from India, and we partied away at Margaritas' Pub, which had the best Live band in the area. Then we went down to catch a glimpse of the "Tiger Show". And no, I won't post about it in here, its too graphic, even in words.

Day 3

Headed down to the Kathu Region to try our hands at shooting some live weapons (real bullets, mind you), but felt cheated upon arriving (pricing that we saw at the hotel differs very much from the pricing at the actual location, about 2 to 3 times more expensive on location).

Always wanted to try my hand at sniping, but the .308 was too expensive to shoot, so we went for a .22mm sniper instead.

And this are our battle spoils:

With nothing else much better to do there, we headed down to Phuket Town for shopping!

We spent the rest of the day at Central Festival shopping, and watching a movie (Resident Evil : Afterlife) at their movie theatre. One thing to note, their theatre is wayyyyyy better than Singapore and the drinks offered in their popcorn package is the XL size found in 7-Eleven's Big Gulp, and at 165 Baht only, its really worth it!

The most amazing part about Central Festival, is that it has 4 levels, but only 3 are open. Why? Because they are still building the place up! We bought our dinner from here to be brought back to the resort for a nice meal (Japanese food here is cheap. A Kurobuta Bento Set - 200 Baht only!)

When we returned to the resort, Manav and Aradhana were on their way to the airport to fly back home, so they handed us their unfinished drink as a gesture of friendship!

Our group picture:

After some food and finishing up of the Scotch, we turned in for the night.

Day 4

Caught the morning sun with my iphone4:

And then we packed up, had breakfast, then its to the airport back to Singapore!

Overall for this trip I find that I learned many things. Much about the other side of life that we do not usually observe in Singapore. The light and dark side of things, the normal and non-normal side of people. Also, the interaction with people from other countries showed that it is very simple to open up to people abroad, but it is so hard to do so in Singapore.

Much to ponder upon, but that will be for my personal growth and understanding.


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