Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Night Festival in Summer

Attended a couple of major events that happened in July, and here's a coverage of one of the events!

16 July 2010 - Night Festival

It was an impromptu decision to head down to this festival. Was supposed to go together with 2 of my colleagues, but ended up only went with one of them (the other forgot the tripod, so he went back first). I was supposed to be teaching her how to operate her camera (Canon G11), but she did the one most major mistakes that all photographers should never make - not charging the battery the day before the shoot.

Arrived early at Plaza Singapura to catch a quick dinner at Yoshinoya before moving on to the National Museum of Singapore. Moved around the museum a little bit, but nothing really interesting caught my eye until this...

The actual event didn't actually start yet, hence we decided to go for a tour inside the Museum. It was an interactive tour of some sorts - we were told to use the special equipment they had, to play audio clips as we walked through time. The device had some fancy looking numbers at the center, and all we had to do, is to key in the corresponding numbers and press enter to hear the history behind the picture or artefact.

After which we headed down to Singapore Management University to catch the main highlights of the show. When we arrived there, we saw this!

Cool graffiti, but would have been been better if we have managed to reach earlier to see them in action... Then as we were randomly walking around, the emcee announced that there was a show going on right at the Garden area, so we hung around and watched the performance!

It was a wonderful show, and I'm very wow-ed by their powerful vocals (I can't sing for nuts, that's why). And after the show, when everyone is all spreading out all over (the crowd at this point in time was starting to become chaotic). We headed down to the "Taxi-Boys and Taxi-Girls" area where you get to see a group of fun-loving dancers dressed up in retro style clothing, dancing away with members of the public!

After which, I bid farewell to my colleague, and I moved by myself towards Timbre @ Substation. Unfortunately for me, the concert didn't start until later, hence I only helped myself to this before I headed home:

On the ending note, I really enjoyed mingling around with the crowd, but the turn-out at the event was really really spectacular. First time in my life, I see so many DSLR users cramming in one place. That's really scary, and also it is a sign that DSLR is becoming very affordable.

Second note is, I finally had time to try my "Bokeh Master's Kit" a little.

Really love the effects that it creates. Hope to capture human factors into the picture sometime soon~~

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