Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everything With Fries.... Really...

Met my girlfriend today at Holland Village for a quick dinner. She had just arrived back in Singapore after having a short getaway in Cambodia, so she wanted to pass me some souvenirs.

Didn't know what to eat, but after reading some recommendations from @ladyironchef 's blog, I decided to have a meal at Everything With Fries.

The place is not really spruced up to look very "atas" but it is however quite welcoming. Kinda like a "no frills" concept.

Here's what I've ordered:

The "One Egg Soup" - This one is a very interesting dish for me. First time in my life that I had such a very interesting sensation when drinking soup. The egg in the soup did do wonders for this dish, but the soup itself doesn't have the "wow" factor.

The Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich. - This dish is good to share with friends or just as a quick snack for those in a hurry. The sandwiches win in the taste department. Not too heavy on the savoury taste and the toast was done to perfection - crispy enough, yet not hard.

This dish was accompanied with... as you guessed it - Fries. What's so special about the fries is, you get to choose what type of fries (thin or thick) and what flavour to eat it with! We had the "Sour Cream and Onion" flavour and we choose the thick fries for a more full taste of the potato. Nice light taste that doesn't seem too salty.

It also came with either coleslaw or Caesar Salad. We chose the salad, and we didn't regret. Very refreshing to chew on, and the flavour's just right!

The Nutella Tart. - This is a winner. Though not the best of all desserts I've had thus far, but this really makes the whole meal at EWF really worth it. Beware though, this isn't the only dessert there that tastes good (be prepared for a sinful trip down dessert lane).

This place deserves a rating for:
Food: 8 / 10
Service: 7 / 10
Ambience: 7 / 10

Overall: 7.5 / 10 

I'll have to come back here again, to try the other dishes on the menu, and I'll update this post again!

For those who are interested, please check them out some time soon!

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