Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Elegant Birthday @ Dozo

I had planned to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday at Dozo, so prior to the actual event, I had actually made a reservation for the two of us over the phone. The staff was nice to ask me the purpose of the event, to which I promptly replied that it was for a birthday celebration. She proceeded to ask me for my girlfriend's name, and when I asked her for the purpose, she replied that it was a surprise.

So the day came, and I led her to Valley Point Shopping Centre, and went up the lift to the 2nd level to where the restaurant was situated. And we were both given a very warm welcome.

The overall ambience of the restaurant is very pleasing. A mix of rustic Japan fused together with the daring modern concept. Gives one the very "atas" feel. We were seated next to the windows instead of towards a darker part of the restaurant (to which she mentioned that its a little bit of a waste. If only there was a sea view, it would be better).

The waiter, Eric, did a good job at explaining the different dishes we can choose for our 7-course dinner (technically 6, because 1 is a drink). and provided us with a cooling refreshment and some stick crackers for us while we waited for the meal to begin. Here are some pictures for the evening:

The refreshments

This was the refreshments that they provided. It was quite cooling and managed to kick start the appetite because of its citrus flavour.

The 1st dish - Our appetizer

The 1st of the 7-course dinner started off with an appetizer of Scallop, Foie Gras and Smoked Salmon (and yes, we had to eat in this order). The flavours slowly built up both our taste buds and frankly, we were both impressed by this dish already.

The 2nd dish - mine

As my girlfriend doesn't take raw fish, I decided to go with this dish of Beef Tataki with Shaved Parmesan and Truffle Mayo Mosiac. Its still raw, but the beef was slightly cooked, and the taste of it with the parmesan and truffle was good. The center was actually a cone waffle, and it went really well with the beef tataki.

The 2nd dish - hers

Dear's appetizer was the Succulent King Crab Claw Salad Drizzled with Sesame Vinaigrette. This one is totally wonderful. The mango cubes on the crab claw really whets up a very good appetite! The salad dressed with the sesame vinaigrette helped to enhance the whole dish well!

The 3rd dish - mine

This was my third dish, the Tempura Battered Soft-shelled Crab on Galette of Mash. The sauce really went well with the soft-shelled crab, and the mashed potato-alike thingy (my girlfriend says its pumpkin..) was very very tasty!

The 3rd dish - hers

This was her third dish, the Hirakata Mushroom Two Ways. One was a stir-fry version of the mushrooms, and the other, a croquette with the mushroom stuffed inside. Two entirely different tastes from this dish!

The 4th dish - mine

For our forth dish, we had soups. Mine was the Infusion of Cepes Mushroom and Truffle. Notice the black little thing on the spoon? That's a piece of truffle. And the soup was filled with diced mushrooms and truffle bits (with truffle oil too). Very creamy, and filling.

The 4th dish - hers

Her choice for the forth dish was superb, the Crab Bisque Cappuccino Style. Very rich, very thick and there's very strong flavours to knock one's senses out. A pity that there was very few pieces of crab meat, but this dish can really make anyone feel that eating here is worthwhile.

The 5th dish - mine

I'm not sure why they chose the 5th dish to be some fruit/tea mix, but it was an interesting idea to introduce this right after the soups. Mine was the Iced Mallow Apple Melody. Very fruity, and refreshing (perhaps to bring back the taste buds after the extremely thick soups).

The 5th dish - hers

This was hers, the Iced Rose Lemon Tea. This was quite refreshing as well, but not as fruity as you might expect. The light fragrance of rose tea calms the taste buds quite a bit.

The 6th dish - mine

Finally, the main dish. I had the Sake Infused Grilled Unagi on Hot Stone. This picture was taken after the waiter poured sake over it. In fact, when they served this dish, I was asked to sit back as the sake was poured over the hot-stone. Sizzling and very fragrant. This dish is served with rice.

The 6th dish - hers

My dear girlfriend seems to make the right choices all the time. For her main course, she ordered the Crispy Kurobuta Cheek with Onion Jam and Pickled Radish. As you know, Kurobuta, or aka black pig's meat, is a very prized dish for Japanese cuisine. This dish is so nice, that you can practically eat it like eating spaghetti, just use the fork to pierce one side, and turn, the meat fibers will start to curl around the fork! The meat is very tender and the taste of it is so wonderful, you might not want to try other kinds of pork for a while.

The 7th dish - mine

Finally, the dessert. I had the Expresso Creme Brulee. Not too spectacular and the taste of coffee wasn't too strong either.

The 7th dish - hers

The winner in the dessert department. She had the Freshly Baked Warm Chocolate Cake Served with Vanilla Ice-cream. Looks like a normal Chocolate Cake from this picture right? Nooooo, once you cut the cake open, the chocolate sauce from within, oozes out very very nicely. A must have for chocolate lovers.

Dozo really earned my respect as a very good restaurant. Remember earlier, I mentioned that they had a surprise in store for us? Here's what they did:

The surprise

Yup, a customised special that really speaks volumes about how far they are willing to go for service. Really have to thank the waiters for their nice service for the evening, especially Eric. Although he seems to be trying very hard to make our evening enjoyable (but trying too hard), he did make very good recommendations and tried to make it a more relaxed dinner.

This place deserves a rating for:
Food: 9 / 10
Service: 8 / 10
Ambience: 7 / 10

Overall: 8 / 10

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