Friday, July 23, 2010

Benten. No, not the cartoon. The Cafe!

Its after work and time to have dinner and chat with my best friend, Dave. We headed down to Jurong Point to have our dinner and while chatting, we went past a restaurant that I have wanted to try for a long time. Hence, we decided to sit ourselves down and started to order...

I'm kind of a strict food critique when it comes to Japanese cuisine, and very few restaurants have earned my respect in the taste department (obviously places like Sakae Sushi will never make it into my "must eat" list). However, eating at Benten Cafe, I was taken for a surprise!

Both Dave and I ordered the Curry Rice Sets.

While chatting and waiting for our food, we noticed that the waitress was kind of blur in delivering our pre-curry rice salad. I suppose she was quite shy, but nonetheless, she finally placed it on our table after an awkward silence of 10 seconds.

The Vegetable Salad Starter

Both of us had a few seconds of quick laughter. While chatting over various topics, our main dish finally arrived in gigantic, boat-shaped bowls.

Hamburger Curry Rice

Pork Cutlet Curry Rice

Apologies for the quality of the pictures these days, lazy to bring my camera everywhere I go. Pictures were all taken with Samsung 8003 (Jet).

One thing for sure, the Omu-Curry Rice was done to a nice taste. On its own, without the meat, it is already quite decent. By adding the meat, it brings the curry to another level - The beef hamburger was done so nicely, its so sweet and firm, it adds to the flavour of the curry; the pork cutlet was crispy enough but the meat wasn't that tender.

Aside from Japanese food, the other star of Benten would be their desserts. And these are what we ordered:

The Choco-Banana Parfait

The Choco-Cake Parfait

The desserts are as good as whatever reviews I've heard from my friends. Super sinful, but done nicely enough to make you want to come back for dessert again. Mine was the Choco-cake Parfait, which to me, was too much for one person to finish! XD

The taste of it was very smooth and the other ingredients added to the mix, really hits the spot for chocolate lovers!

Will go back to Benten Cafe someday again, and try the super big bowl of dessert (for 5-6pax). Maybe I'll try to attempt to finish it by myself. XD

This place deserves a rating for:
Food: 8 / 10
Service: 6 / 10
Ambience: 5 / 10

Overall: 6.5 / 10 

Ambience is missing because of the location the restaurant is situated. Crowds are just walking up and down the path, that it somehow made the whole dinner seem a bit stressful with the noise and all. And as we were both seated at the side, the chairs were lower than the tables, which made the tasting of the desserts a little hard (the parfaits were served in pretty tall glasses). Would be better if they changed the seats a little. =)

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